From brochures, print ads, radio/ television scripts, website design, e-marketing & more - call on IN HOUSE ADVERTISING SERVICE to do it all for one low price monthly!

In House Advertising Service business promotion does business promotion in Kingston and area. Having worked with hundreds of local businesses In House Advertising is the place to call for marketing, advertising and branding of your business. Our goal is to lower your advertising costs while increasing your sales.

Direct Mail: Target a street or the entire city IN HOUSE can get the message out inexpensively and bring in new business you never heard of before.

   Wes Jackson,  ​B.A.               

Business Promotion in Kingston

Whether you are new business or one of the oldest established businesses in town, you need a low cost person to handle your advertising and marketing for you. Don't add to your bottom line when I can save you thousands of dollars and produce results with creative thinking and tried and true techniques to get business to your door.

  I was always fascinated with the art of communication from a early age and in particular with advertising. Getting the  business            message out to an audience still motivates me as it did when I started in this business over 30 years ago. I have the credentials to prove it too. A 2 year Advertising diploma from Loyalist College and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology/History from Trent University. Plus I have years of experience in all forms of communication from print to broadcast to websites and social media by working for some of the top companies in Canada for print/web. Locally I've worked with Kingston This Week for 12 years, done advertising in Picton and area for 2 years and worked in Belleville and the Quinte Region for 19 years. I've kept up with technology and still remember some "old" tricks that are new again. I like to think of myself as a "mini advertising agency" able to do the research and planning to make the right moves for your business. Along with the creative training to design & write advertisments and also create websites that get your message out to the people in a cost effective way. 

Call me today for a free, no obligation, meeting to discuss your business goals and how I can help you the results you want.